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REIZ High Performance Speed Clear Coat
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REIZ High Performance Speed Clear Coat REIZ High Performance Speed Clear Coat


REIZ High Performance Speed Clear Coat

Our Clear Coat is your ideal choice to protect and enhance your car's coating. It provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle, keeping it looking bright and durable. Whether it's restoration, maintenance or a full car paint job, our Clear Coat can meet your needs and add charm to your car.
Product Description

A car clear coat is a transparent finish paint that generally works as topcoat on surfaces or parts that have previously been painted.

A clear coat is the coating that allows to embellish the surface of a vehicle, providing extraordinary hardness and resistance to different mechanical and chemical agents. It is undoubtedly one of the key elements in obtaining an excellent finish paint during the car repainting process.

Within the repainting sector, car clear coats can be used in two-coat paint systems and three-coat paint systems, either on previously colour painted repaired surfaces or on previously sanded clear coated surfaces.

Fully cured in 45-60 mins at room temperature.

Fast drying, Super gloss, Super hardness, Super fullness.


Our Clear Coat is a high quality automotive clearcoat designed to protect and enhance automotive coatings. Here are its main features:

1. High transparency: Clear Coat has excellent transparency and is able to maintain the original color and luster of the car coating. It provides a clear, bright appearance that makes the vehicle more dazzling and attractive.

2. Durability: Our Clear Coat uses an advanced formula for excellent durability and scratch resistance. It effectively resists daily use, UV radiation, acid rain and chemicals, protecting car coatings from damage.

3. Anti-corrosion: Clear Coat provides a protective coating to prevent oxidation and corrosion from damaging the car surface. It keeps the coating fresh and shiny, extending the life of your car.

4. Easy to apply: Our Clear Coat is designed for easy and fast construction, whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast. It applies evenly and dries quickly, giving you a convenient and efficient application experience.

5. Compatibility: Our Clear Coat is compatible with various automotive paints and can be used with primers and tinted paints. It provides perfect coating gloss and protection, ensuring coordination and consistency throughout the paint system.

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