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RZ - GZ100 Light Weight Finishing Body Filler
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RZ - GZ100 Light Weight Finishing Body Filler RZ - GZ100 Light Weight Finishing Body Filler


RZ - GZ100 Light Weight Finishing Body Filler

Our automotive paint is a high-quality coating designed to provide protection and beauty to automotive surfaces. It features durability, ease of application and a variety of color options to provide your vehicle with long-lasting protection and a personalized look. Whether it's a scratch repair or a full-vehicle paint job, our automotive coatings are your reliable choice.
  • RZ - GZ100

  • REIZ

Product Description

Mixing Ratio
     (BPO Hardener)







Gel Time

7-9 minutes

5-7 minutes

3-5  minutes

Wet Sandable After

15 - 20 minutes

15-20 minutes

10-15 minutes

Dry Sandable After

20 - 30 minutes

20-30 minutes

15 - 20 minutes

Package Size / Carton


Our body filler product is a highly effective body filler designed to repair dents and damage to vehicle surfaces. It has the following characteristics:

High filling performance: Our body filler products have excellent filling performance, able to fill and smooth body dents, scratches and other surface damage. It can effectively repair the appearance of the car body, making it flat and smooth.

EASY TO USE: Our body filler products feature convenient and easy-to-use formulas and textures to make the repair process simpler and faster. It applies easily to areas requiring repair and dries and hardens quickly.

STRENGTH & DURABILITY: Our body filler products offer exceptional strength and durability to resist the effects of daily use and environmental factors. The repaired surface will remain smooth and stable for a long time.

Moldability: Our body filler products can be shaped and adjusted as needed for optimal healing. It can be sanded and painted so that the restored area blends in perfectly with the surrounding bodywork.

MULTIPLE USES: Our body filler products are suitable for repairing different types of body materials including metal, plastic and fiberglass. Whether repairing a small dent or performing an extensive body repair, it delivers superior results.

Our body filler products are indispensable tools in body restoration work, helping you restore your vehicle's appearance and value. Ideal for professional repair and DIY enthusiasts, they provide excellent repair results and long-lasting protection. By purchasing our products, you will receive high-quality body fillers that will make your vehicle look like new.

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