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Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
TD603 Thinner for Chromed Aluminum 448.6
SD707 Chromed Aluminum 2158
E21 Extra Black 179.8
E75A Green Blue 32.4
E34 Vlolet Red 20.6


Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
S31 Fine Shining Alu. 703.7
E21 Fine Alu. 87.1
S34 Extra Black 167.5
E12 White 1.7
Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
E38A Transparent Chestnut Red 590.8
E100 1K Binder 369.2


Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
E73 Red Blue 446.2
X70 Galaxy Blue 272.7
E72 Transparent Blue 128.9
S190 Flip Controller 49.6
E81 Violet 28.3
S31 Fine Shining Alu. 19.8
E21 Black 13.4
E12 White 1.2
Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
E100 1K Binder 9576
GP50 Magic Sparkle Yellow (Glas Flake) 2.4
E34 Vlolet Red 20.6


Mixing Color Description Gram (abs.)
S822 Medium Shining Alu. 285.4
S190 Flip Controller 30.4
E21 Black 30.4
S160 Balance Binder 57.1
E71 Blue Toner 15.2
E81 Violet 2.9
E14 Transparent White 5.7
E34 Fine Alu. 380.6
P52 Golden Peari 152.2
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Complete And Advanced Color Matching Tools

Chromatic Color Chips

It is made up of chips that are sprayed with REIZ paint.
Comparing with variant color chip and choosing the closest color can make color match efficiently.
The chromatic design allows users to quickly color match vehicles even when the paint code is not known.
Our Chromatic Variant Color Chips are over 10000 pieces.

OEM Color Chips

Designed to reduce the amount of time that users spend identifying and selecting colors.
It is made up of chips that are sprayed with REIZ paint.
When users select a chip they can see the actual color that they will be spraying before they spray it.
· The system contains over 10,000 sprayed chips and can be used for matching solid and pearl/aluminum/ multi-effect colors.
· Large chip size allows for easy identification to the vehicle.
· Colors in the system represent OEM standard colors and popular variants for the top car manufacturers from around the globe.
· Each chip represents a color that is on the road today.

Tinting System and Automatic Paint Dispenser

Quickly and accurately match colors for paint mixing, greatly improving work efficiency


In order to repaint a car cost efficiently in a short period of time, leading car refinish paint makers use new technologies to improve their hit rates.
Multi-angle color instruments objectively measure the color to be painted and “smart” database search and correction routines are used to find the right color in seconds. Thus, and most importantly, life at the body shop will be much easier for everybody.
New measurement technologies make it possible to exactly match any color in seconds:
Clean and polish the paint finish close to the damaged area.
Measure the prepared area.
Transfer the measurement data to the color search and correction software of the paint maker.
The software will find the closest match in a second, adjust the paint formula and automatically transfer the formula to the mixing system.

Provide online formula checking service

Avoid other lighting to prevent color errors

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We are specialized in full range of auto paint products, the leading Chinese manufacturer of automotive refinish paint. 
We've exported to more than 80 countries in the world, with 56 domestic branch offices.
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REIZ is a renowned manufacturer of professional car paint, offering a premium range of car refinish paint products. It is powered by Baohong Paint, the largest professional producer of automotive refinish products in China since 1995. The product line of REIZ includes Solvent Based Car Refinish Paint System with Formulas, as well as auxiliary products such as Body Filler, Putty, Primer Surfacer, and High-Performance Refinish Products like Bed Liner, Matt Clear Coat, 2 Hours Drying Epoxy Primer, and Chameleon Pearl Base Coat. REIZ constantly strives to keep up with the latest trends and offers innovative refinishing solutions with exclusive special colors.
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