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  • Q What is your products range?

    A We produce a full range of automotive refinish products, including 1K basecoat paint, 2K single-stage topcoat paint, clearcoats, hardeners, 2K and 1K primers, thinner, 2K polyester putty, 1K bodyfiller, bedliner etc. 
  • Q Do you accept customized products?

    A Yes, if the product is different than our regular products, and it has good potentials,we can produce as per the specific requirement for a certain market.
  • Q What is your lead time?

    A After the receipt of payment,  cargo will be ready in 20- 25 working days.
  • Q What is your MOQ ?

    A Our order is normally based on a 20 feet container or 40 feet container. For the trial order(s), we also accept LCL.
  • Q What support can you offer to a distributor?

    A We provide formulas system, spectrophotometer, color chips, mixing machines,electrical scales, promotional items such as T shirt, caps and so on.
    We not only arrange technical training classes for our distributors in China, but also visit our overseas customers on site as the asist for application and promotion of Innocolor car paint products.
  • Q Is it possible to send samples of toners, clear coat, primers, polyester putty?

    A Yes, we can offer some samples for you to do a sample testing
  • Q Is the system 1k mixing ratio 1: 1?

    A Yes, Toner (pigments): Thinner=1:1 (vol)
  • Q Does the system have RAL Formulas?

    A Yes, we do have the RAL Formulas.
  • Q Do you offer mixing machine and color chips?

    A Yes we do. Based on the specific order quantity, we can offer the related support with these items.
  • Q Is the color formula software on a CD for the distributor?

    A There are three ways for formula retrival, PC software, APP for both Android and IOS cellphone, and webpage .PC software is offered by CDs to the distributors.
  • Q Does the system contain color formula for the different OEM colors? 

    A Yes, please note that the system contains most of the color formulas for the car auto market .For example, Nissan, Honda,Toyota,Ford,Chrysler,Fiat,Peugeot,Citroen,Renault etc.  And the new formulas are timely updated from our color team.                                             
    Enter: http://wonder-car-paint.en.made-in-china.com and click Color formulas then you can find the recipes of InnoColor
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For China domestic market, we have over 50 branches. For overseas market, we have distributors in more than 80 countries.




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